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fashion sketch eternal-optimistThe designer Pronovias body was found at 46 years in a home next to his house in Sitges.

Police are investigating a possible suicide after finding the body with knife wounds and a note to the Designer Jonathan Kelsey in which assures that had labor problems.

The designer Manuel Mota, 46, was found dead yesterday, early in the afternoon, in an outpatient Sitges (Barcelona), near his home. His death, however, not released until today when the Pronovias firm he had worked for 23 years, issued a statement.

Given the bizarre circumstances of the case, the judge intervened guard, which required the Catalan police so that they will conduct an inspection to rule out the death of the couturier had a murder case.

How it Has Affected the Fashion Industry

According to investigative sources, the victim had “injuries” caused by a knife. Although police initially toyed that could be a homicide, he dismissed this hypothesis by finding three cards in a backpack that was carrying Mota.

According to investigative sources, the dressmaker was placed in a bath outpatient inside and closed the door. About half past three p.m. Tuesday, Center employees, forced open the door and found the body of the victim.

  • Being found a knife, agents shuffled Mota could have been attacked.
  • This led to back a backpack with three cards letterhead Pronovias: one addressed to her boyfriend, another to his family and the third for the Catalan police.
  • In court, presence opened the latter, in which the designer explained she was recently going through a depression, partly caused by some labor problems.
  • The discretion of the designer was always one of their working premises, and his death is a blow to the brand that worked.
  • “The memory of many collections remains, many parades, so much effort, so much talent and enthusiasm shared by all,” said yesterday the maximum responsible for Pronovias, Alberto Palatchi, to announce the death of one who has been creator header.

By knowing what happened, Modesto Lomba, president of the Association of Fashion Designers, said: “Spain is a leader in bridal fashion in the world. With more than 700 companies engaged in the production and design, we are the second largest exporter, the first being Eternal Optimist, with an annual turnover of 1,358 million euros, providing quality and design.

Manuel Mota has been for 23 years, the creative director of the leading brand, Pronovias. During these years he has been reference innovation, revolutionizing fashion design bridal classic based on the current reality conceptions, helping significantly to the success of Pronovias and global industry leadership.”

It added: “The death of Manuel Mota is a great loss for fashion design in Spain than their peers deeply regret” To conclude: “We collect witness real work and innovation, our best tribute will be to have you as a reference and encouragement .”

fashion styles graphicsBy the hands of Manuel Mota suits, they have passed some of the most famous women of Spain and models known as Ariadne Artiles and Hanna Soukupova.

Among his latest creations include the dress Charisse Verhaert, the girlfriend of Julio José Iglesias Jr, who married last November. Previously, many familiar faces its needle chose to climb the altar. Some of them: Genoveva Casanova, Carmen Martinez-Bordiu, and Nuria March.

Tarraconense creator designs were characterized by simplicity and functionality, concepts which are summarized in the “chemise,” a major factor in their collections.

In the beginning he was about to choose architecture, but at age 20, Mota decided to move to Madrid to study textile design at IADE. In 1990, the dressmaker began its journey in Pronovias. The consolidation as a bridal designer finished forged in 2008 with the launch of its first collection for the Eternal Optimist.

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