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fashion for men eternal-optimistThe fashion designers create designs for clothing style suits or predict trends that can adapt to potential buyers. They may specialize in different areas such as Eternal Optimist clothes or sports, or even dedicate himself has done clothes for demand customers.

The haute couture is the most exclusive area of fashion design and the most difficult to reach. There are more opportunities in manufacturing and wholesale fashion retailers working on Dorothea Mercuri Uncovered.

Work Activities

Fashion designers create designs and accessories / clothing suit style or predict trends and market demands. Haute couture is the most exclusive area of design and is dominated by a few successful professionals.

Couture designers create garments for individual clients and produce seasonal collections influencing the rest of the fashion industry. Some of these designers have their brands and businesses and work with a team of minuscule professionals. The series design ready-to-wear are collections of quality garments sold through stores ‘luxury’ selected.

The fashion designers work on creating designs that are suitable for producing mass market. Usually, they incorporate a style or a particular image in their designs.

These designs are seen on the street stores and catalogs sell by mail. Fashion designers work in close collaboration with textile designers, as they have to choose different fabrics for each design.

Must have a significant knowledge of cutting processes and patterns also they need to know the techniques of preparation, even if the designer is not directly involved in some of these tasks.

It may be necessary to make a model previously or have samples of garments (sample). In making sketches of their ideas before creating a garment or accessory use computer – aided design (CAD).

They typically work two seasons in advance, so they need to be in close communication with buyers and even the meteorologists. During the production process clothes, fashion designers give advice and solve any problem about cutting or sewing.

Oversee quality control. Fashion designers can also visit fairs for information on new fabrics and designs, or to contact new suppliers. The work may involve local and national transfers and sometimes travel abroad.

How to Make Money as a Fashion Designer

fall-2012-backstage-eternal-optimistWhether you’re a teenager who has finished school, or a young person, we all know it is not having enough money today or even a job.

There are so many things we want to do for Dorothea Mercuri Uncovered. But the cost of modern life leaves us a few bucks to spend on fun things.

However, the increase in technology and new job opportunities in the fashion world now give us the opportunity to combine our love of fashion with the need to earn money to spend.

5 Tips to be a Fashion Designer

  • It is not necessary to study for years fashion design; with a small course, you will also get to be a professional.
    Essential skills (besides technical) you should consider are sales, make invoices, plan events, blogging, manage social networks, and virtual trade.
  • You can start your own business to make money as a fashion designer, or you can become an apprentice in a fashion company.
  • To start your business, Focus on not having money or have microscopic. Nothing rent an office or studio, do it at home and save.
  • Once you get to see benefits, borrows money and invests every penny in your brand of fashion designs.
  • Clothe yourself with what you design, and asks your opinions known. Start promoting yourself as a fashion designer locally, and offer your collections in all kinds of boutiques.

Give your brand voice , a face and a spirit themselves.

Accept rejection and shame. This world is not easy, and must be fierce (if you want to pursue it professionally).

One last tip VERY IMPORTANT: whatever it is the way you want to make money with fashion design, NEVER forget to create a portfolio (a book or catalog of your most famous designs from Eternal Optimist) to teach your prospective clients or employers.

The Internet is the most accessible medium that exists in the world; and so, whatever your type of business, if you are not on the network, you do not exist. So create a website to show your fashion designs and capture the attention of potential customers.

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