First we stepped on a beautiful video presenting impressively a teapot. Then we searched him a little bit. A Greek designer, named Spiros Kontakis, who makes outstanding and absolutely original design objects definitely caught our attention. When we met him in downtown Athens, he was discussing on the phone a proposal by a big French television channel that will soon host him with an exclusive documentary in the Greek capital. Right after, we saw photos of A-list Hollywood stars posing with his designs. In the interview below we attempted to figure out how a new name in such a competitive industry is doing so well and discovered the original way he approaches his beautiful work!


Excuse me, is it Emma Stone the one who poses with your teapot?

Indeed. There has been a series of shootings in Paris with objects I have designed shot with famous actors like Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield and Berenice Marlohe promoting their work and mine as well. Several other actors will be shot soon! The dinnerware that I have designed was also part of an annual auction held in Monaco by Princess Stephanie and Fight Aids Monaco. It was a beautiful chance for my work to be shown in an exclusive and demanding crowd.


Have you always been designing furniture and home design?

Design was a reason for me to redesign my whole life. Having worked in the music industry for years, parallel to furniture design studies,  I chose to do probably the most spontaneous thing which is no other than follow my memories through shapes and their overturn.


Is there a common ground or aesthetics in your designs?

I think an object has a personality. It should share the same space we do. We need to discuss with it and respect it. For me, the objects I create choose their form by themselves and in some cases they are being released from schemes that had been accustomed to our eyes and transform without losing their practicality. My objects come out of the frame of the "furniture-servant".