"Could you please wait for me another ten minutes?" asked us miss Marina Kalogirou in a very innocent and soft way, looking like a teen girl, as soon as we arrived at Kikladon theatre in Athens few days ago. She was rehearsing a new theatrical titled "Silk", to premiere on February 2nd. Marina Kalogirou is one of those actresses that you can't tell for sure what you think of her because you don't really know what to think of. Her roles on TV, in the theatre and in the cinema have been extremely diverse. In her rare interviews her answers are quite...unexpected and spontaneous. Staring at us with her big expressive eyes, she spent two hours in a discussion that didn't have coherence and sequence as none of us needed it. It was basically an exchange of random thoughts with many cigarettes, tea, coffee and laughing. No, we didn't attempt to understand what type of person Marina is. And unlike any other interview hosted at the eternal optimist until now, we do not want to describe her. We just enjoyed incredibly two hours with a woman that undoubtely lives for the moment. Is she also an original person? Read the interview below and make your own conclusions!


You are an actress with a rich artistic activity. However you don't seem to follow any "rules" of a professional who communicates her image to the public in favor of her work.


(Thinking) I have tried to do that a few times. It is something I am not good at, at all! I will have to think a lot, sweat and finally get bored in order to create an image for myself and then promote it and share it with the public. It is so difficult for me to achieve that. It would actually require to suck so much energy that I could drain off to things that I am really interested in. (pause) I think...I think that it would be a shame to do that. That's how I feel, maybe I am wrong. (pause). I guess if there were professional agents in Greece, just like in so many other countries around the world, someone else would take up this whole thing for me, making it much easier.


You often refer to "freedom". Do you seek for it in your life?

Yes. But with a downward trend as the years pass! In the past, freedom was much more important to me than now. It actually used to define my whole life. Now, maybe because of my child, freedom is just a need that appears and disappears at times.. Anyhow, when I experience it, I enjoy it very very much.


Are you afraid of making mistakes?

Oh, yes! Unfortunately! Unfortunately because it is a very restrictive fear. It doesn't let you take risks. Risk, fail, reach the bottom or succeed and reach the sky! Lately, I made many mistakes in my personal life and learned so much from that! For the first time in my life I came round to realise the importance of the darkess, of pain, of fear. Until recently, I was in favor of the power of the light. I still am, but with a much more deep understanding of the inevitable circles of life-death-life, light-darkness and back to the light.