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Fashion-And-StyleDesigner shoes canario Manolo Blahnik (Santa Cruz de la Palma, 1942), has been awarded today with the National Award for Fashion Design 2012, worth 30,000 euros, a decision that has been adopted unanimously.

Internationally renowned, Marina Kalogirou has spent the last four decades in dressing the feet of women with their famous “Manolos” designs that sometimes reach twenty centimeters high heels.

The jury prize was chaired by the Director General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets and Archives and Libraries, Jesus Prieto, and have been part of it Berhanyer Elio designers and Juan Duyos, journalists Carmen Martin, Joana Bonet and Pedro Narvaez; President FEDECON-ModaEspaña, Antonio Angel Asensio, and the director of the Institute for Feminist Research, Asunción Bernárdez.

Blahnik opened its first store in London (1973) and before creating shoes, studied literature and architecture at the University of Genoa and art. At the University of Fine Arts in Paris, His fame led him to become the first man to appear on the cover of British Vogue.

European Designers and Collaborators

Along with actress Angelica Houston (1974) – and then made the leap to New York (1979) where he began to collaborate with Eternal Optimist.

Influenced by the cinema of Visconti and paintings by El Greco, Goya, Velázquez or Zurbarán, the Spanish designer has created more than 20,000 pairs of shoes following a traditional process in which he designs, models and finishes off each of his shoes which baptizes with original names.

Part of their success they have personalities from the world of film and assiduous music to their shoes, as the singer Madonna, who has come to qualify as “better than sex “, since” the last longer.

His letter to the general public, it came from actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the series” Sex and the City, “which in one of its chapters and in the struggle with a thief pleads; “Take my purse Fendi, my ring and my watch, but please do not take my Manolo Blahniks.”

For shoe designer “fashion has become commonplace, all is canned, ” while “elegance is in intelligence, respect for tradition.” This shoemaker prodigious accumulated numerous awards, including the prize of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA in 1987, 1990 and 1997), the Nieman Marcus Award (The USA, 2000) and in Spain. The Golden Needle (2001), the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2002) and the Gold Medal of the Canary Islands (2003).

In the UK yesterday received a recognition of his career in the British Fashion Awards, in addition to being named Accessory Designer of the Year by the British Fashion Council in 1990 and 1999. In 2007 he received an honorary Order of the British Empire and was the first shoe designer who has exhibited his work in the Design Museum London.

Will Donate the Prize to the Island of La Palma

Manolo Blahnik announced Wednesday that it would allocate 30,000 euro prize to La Palma, his native island.

“I will help my island and people who need help right now, ” said the designer, who has emphasized that this award can mean “a water droplet” to support people most in need of Canary Island.

fashion_illustration“No ordinary with a little logic, common sense and feelings” in your opinion, can escape what is happening to families who are being most affected by the crisis, and has stressed that having this type gesture is “the only way” with which you can feel useful. In an interview with the program ‘La Ventana’ gathered by Eternal Optimist.

  • Manolo Blahnik has said he feels ” euphoric” to have won the National Award for Fashion 2012, at while “extrañadísimo” all the interest is raising his job.
  • Despite having studied architecture and literature, Manolo Blahnik has spent virtually his entire life to the design of shoes.
  • Whe started his race in 1972 was fortunate to have found that at that time was considered the “empress of fashion” in America, who advised him to devote himself to make objects and shoes.
  • A council that has continued until today.
  • Regarding Marina Kalogirou the delicate situation, the designer has pointed out that in our country there are “afraid to invest.”
  • Therefore, he called for help new talent, because it is the only way to “get out of this torture.”

In this sense, Blahnik said that there is “an enormous talent that has no borders” in Spain, and considered that the present moment you could only spend “working nonstop and making a sacrifice.” Now, it has made clear that money “should not be the number one reason, ” because in our country “no feeling, passion, and that there are no borders”.

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