One of the most renowned Greek artists worldwide, Konstantin Kakanias, visited Athens for the opening of his new show entitled "Tependrios Anavasis" at Rebecca Camhi gallery. His work has been exhibited in top galleries around the world and if there would be something to say about it, it would be that it definitely does not belong to any single style, just like him. An extraordinary personality that cannot be put in any frame. We met Konstantin Kakanias during his short visit to Athens and discussed with him about how he sees his work and himself and asked him to give us his own definition of originality.

We began by asking him to comment on two major characteristics of himself and his work. Seriousness and Humour."My work borrows from many different styles. I can go very dark, I can go very light, I can go very amusing. Yes, it's serious because it's always done with a real feeling, real thoughts, truth...I do work seriously, for me work is the most serious thing. This doesn't mean that it is not amusing or fun or uplifting or humorous..Humour is very serious" he said.
Then we asked Konstantinos to tell us about the catwalk return of his cartoon alter ego, Mrs Tependris, that stars in his first animated short film "Tependris Risingthat launched recently. He answered as if Mrs. Tependris is a real human figure "She woke up and was so much younger!Look! She has never been better!Eyes?! It's a miracle. These eyes! She looks amazing, she is super happy!".
Having collaborated with many A-list fashion houses, we couldn't resist but asking Konstantinos about how he approaches fashion and whether it fascinates him or not. "I love fashion. The word is not fascination. I think it is a wonderful self expression. I love clothes, I always have. For instance, this film was commissioned by a great new fashion house in Los Angeles by the name of Co. I love these guys! I am not particularly fascinated by fashion. I am fascinated by literature, nature, music, much more than fashion. But I ADORE clothes and I always have, especially women's clothes" he responded in his own original way.
Can someone working in the art scene remain original throughout the years? Here's what Konstantin Kakanias responded at the end of our conversation "If someone does not remain original, he should REALLY change work and do something else".