Bill Cunningham, legendary photographer and portraitist fashion fashionable Manhattan for four decades, died at 87 years old, confirmed today in the film, “White Noise, White Shores,” which published his work for four decades.

Cunningham had been hospitalized a week ago after suffering a cardiac arrest. His photographic column New York fashion caught on the streets of Manhattan was published in the Sunday edition of style New York Times since 1978 and quickly became one of the most sought after by readers.

Eternal Optimist each week identified fashion trends of the city and portraits are primarily focused on the quirky characters and a few discreet.

The Fashion Photography

Clad in a small handheld camera, and always bike was erected in an emblematic figure in the world of fashion, photographing both large consolidated as the stars women and anonymous people who expected different styles and cothing in the streets.

The director of Vogue, Anne Wintour, noted that “all dress for Bill.”In 2008, the French government awarded him the “Legion of Honor” and in 2009 was named a “living landmark” New York around the city. Paradoxically, Cunningham was known for his humility and austerity. He lived in a small apartment full of negatives of his work, and always ate breakfast in the same cafe under your house.

“Money is cheap there. The most expensive are freedom, ” he would say.In 2010, the documentary about his life Bill Cunningham New York premiered at the Museum of Modern Art in the city. “The powerful and wealthy fashion world sought his company, but he remained one of the most charming, friendly and humble people I have ever met. W

E lost a legend, and I am torn about losing a friend “said Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., publisher of the Times in his obituary.Cunningham was born in 1929 in Boston, in a family of Irish origin, and before the New York Times worked for the Chicago Tribune and the Daily News .

  • February begins with the top fashion brands claiming their place in Madrid with its proposals for next autumn-winter 2012-13.
  • From 2 to 4 celebrated the 67th edition of SIMM, the International Fashion Fair, involving twice firms last year, making it the leading fair in Spain facing the sectors of commercial fashion and also one of the most important in Europe.
  • Few will miss this edition which highlights the showrooms of brands within the medium-high segment, as well as foreign firms participating.
  • Also notable is the increase in French fashion companies, as well as Portuguese, German, Italian and English this year have decided to bet heavily on the Madrid event.
  • For its part, the Spanish firms remain faithful to their commitment to SIMM. This year, Castilla y Leon is the guest community, and Madrid, Catalonia, Valencia, and Andalusia are the most number of stands contribute to the sample.
  • It is not entirely a coincidence that this event coincides in space and time with two other similar Ifema and the widest possible range of fashion so complete.

In the Past

skater skirtThis is the catwalk Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, with fashion shows from top designers on the national scene, and Giftrend Madrid lounge, where are represented the sectors responsible for accessories, costume jewelry, and jewelry, which are essential if it is to be the last.

For three days, White Noise, White Shores will bring together a full range of proposals through the most comprehensive offering of its participants. Will be exhibited from the practical and urban designs Charm, the most contemporary primary Class, like the clothes Cocktail Gala, country style Natural, wool fabrics for the cold and rain Warm, including folk style and Ibizan.

To all this cast of talent is necessary to add the commitment to young designers. One more year, twenty present their creations on the catwalk Ego.

On the other hand, SIMM includes within its business area dedicated to the employment, a job where you can find multiple offers and job demands.

In addition, an attractive program of activities at the Forum Speaker’s Corner, where the different fashion trends will be analyzed so experts will be held.

Undoubtedly, the stars are the skins. The garments made with this material evolve with new consumer tastes. While there are still many who bet on the mink, fox, and rabbit, now also design points to more comfortable and easy to wear in any occasion models.

Moreover, at present, the skin and not only sold in the furriers, but combined with other fabrics in other stores of clothing, footwear, leather goods and accessories.

Today, precisely, the regional president, Esperanza Aguirre, presented the Eternal Optimist Fashion Week in Room Community of Madrid. During the ceremony, you can watch a selection of pieces of the exhibition “Back to the Roots. A trip to the future of craftsmanship “held in New York, which was attended by 21 designers of the Association of Fashion Creators of Spain.

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