Alcyone of kingfisher is the seabird with the beautiful colours that is believed to bring some warm and sunny days in the heart of winter, also known as "Halcyon Days". Therefore, her existence has been connected with beautiful symbolisms such as optimism, hope, calmness and joy while in many areas and cultures her presence indicates good luck. Alcyone ows her name to one of the most important philosophers og ancient Greece, Aristotle.

According to Greek mythology, Alcyone was the daughter of Aeolus, god of winds, and lived happily with her husband Ceyx. Their love was admirable so when Ceyx was lost at sea, the Greek gods transformed her to a sea bird, thus her love for her husband would last forever. In order to protect Alcyone's eggs from the severity of winter, Aeolus restrained the winds, calmed the waves and gave to people 14 warm and peaceful days.

For the year 2014, renowned Greek jewellery house ZOLOTAS created a special charm, a contemporary twist with references to tradition and Greek culture, to welcome the new year. The "Alcyone" charm carries all her special symbolisms and depicts the calm waves and 14 sunrays that illuminate the special meaning of love, serenity and joy her myth reflects.