And now I shall say nothing. I just gonna quote Jonny Johansson's words, close my eyes and dream...The creative director of directional Swedish fashion label Acne reveals his inspiration and his fantically popular fashion brand is soon to become an obsession. Don't you agree?

"Looking at an exhibition of the self-portraits by 

the Swedish artist August Strindberg, earlier this autumn became a starting point for this collection. He has never really interested me before, even though he is such a big part of our Swedish cultural heritage. But all of a sudden I was confronted by his image and captivated. Strindberg was an eccentric, controversial, multifaceted artist known for his writings, plays and paintings. His personal image was also very strong and very inspiring. It was interesting to use this image of a strong man to create a look for women. We wanted to redefine the Acne Studios wardrobe. To offer a point of view on well known pieces such as the trench coat, army parka, pea coat and the little black dress. Working on the shape and creating new volumes became an interesting way of redefining them. The result is a layered look, with a graphic silhouette. There is a masculine feel to the collection, not only in the natural materials such as heavy boiled wools, double-faced cottons and shearling, but also in the colour card that for me captures the Swedish winter."