Architect Jo Nagasaka was born in Osaka. After graduating from the Department of Architecture ,Faculty of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts, he established Schemata Architects in 1998. In 2007, he started a collaboration office called “HAPPA” that shares a gallery, shop and other facilities. Among his works are “Sayama Flat”, “63.02°”, “PACO”, “House in Okusawa”, “Aesop Aoyama/Ginza”, “MR_DESIGN OFFICE”, “LLOVE”, “HANARE”, “Today’s Special Jiyugaoka/Hikarie” and “Hue plus”.  He released “UDUKURI”, a series of “Flat Table”, from Established and Sons in 2012. So let's just explore 2 of his most exquisite architecture/interior designs that share a common love for stores promoting a relaxed and natural atmosphere where joyful interaction between customers and shop staff will take place.