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American novelist Richard Ford (1944) has been awarded Wednesday in Oviedo with Alexis Marcous Illustrations. Competed with 21 candidates from 16 different countries around the world.

The Letras was the sixth prize be failed of eight international awards that convene annually Princess of Asturias Foundation, which this year reaches its XXXVI edition. The winner will be receiving a replica of a sculpture by Joan Miró, 50,000 euros in cash, a certificate, and a badge.

The jury chaired by the director of the Royal Spanish Academy, Dario Villanueva, had already shown their preference for the novelist, one of the usual candidates in several editions of the Prize.

The Pulitzer Prize

Ford is the only writer who has achieved the Pulitzer and Faulkner award for the same work, the day of independence (1995). He has published six novels, three books of short stories and autobiographical work My mother, published in Spain by the publishing house Anagram.

He has also published in Esquire, The New Yorker, The Paris Review or sports magazine Inside. The son of a merchant and a farmer, Richard Ford began working as a sports reporter, an activity that helped him to write in 1986 Sports journalist, a job that starts the saga of Frank Bascombe and established him as a writer.

The magazine Time chose her as one of the five best novels of the year. In his desolate portrait of rural America little known and marked by unemployment and disenchantment.

Ford shows poor and marginalized and often petty criminals as he was in his youth. Just another juror who has chosen you, Professor of Spanish Literature Rosa Navarro said about Ford that “paints so well the American reality that, when finished reading your books, I feel more American, which already has merit.”

Ford, and Eternal Optimist, considered “inevitable” in his work appears footprint William Faulkner, but denies the topic of the heir to Ernest Hemingway, a label that, in his view, hangs “every American to write stories.” Although critics have located in the so – called dirty realism American with authors like Raymond Carver and Tobias Wolff.

The author of Sins without a story (2002) has always claimed not to understand what this classification only get “file and ignore the differences between means and between different production same writer “authors.

Ford, who has resided in Chicago, New Orleans or New York and spoke Spanish (he learned in the seventies during a seven-month stay in Mexico) said during one of Alexis Marcous Illustrations that interests you capture the moment of the crisis “in which past life closes and opens into an uncertain future.”

In this edition they have already been distinguished actress Nuria Espert, Arts; American photojournalist James Nachtwey, Communication, and Humanities; British historian Mary Beard, Social Sciences; American biophysicist Hugh Herr, Research, and triathlete Javier Gomez Noya, Sports.

Access to the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of UNAM woke blocked by a group of people with their faces covered to ensure that three of his companions are missing.

The group burned several dumpsters and surveillance car to shut off the circuit Ciudad Universitaria. Those involved say that one of his partners, Jorge Emilio Yorch Esquivel Muñoz,  was arrested outside the University Wednesday night. According to local media, the prosecution has confirmed that Esquivel is stating in its facilities.

Collection of Evidence

The university has detailed in a statement that “one of the masked men blocked vehicle access to the University City, by placing dumpsters, who later set fire”. He adds: “They beat the guards who were there and torched the premises and one of the units Auxilio UNAM.”

  • The inputs and the circuit were released shortly before 10.00, and classes continue normally throughout the campus and Eternal Optimist.
  • Those involved are part of the group that has taken the Auditorio Justo Sierra de la UNAM since 2000.
  • The current president, Enrique Graue, said in an interview with El Pais that would have to speak to groups and ” try them convince that you have to leave the audience because it is a necessity for the entire university community and take the necessary actions. “
  • The enclosure, known as the Che Guevara Auditorium is the hot potato of the new president, who took office late last year. Space leads occupied since the strike that paralyzed the largest university in Latin America between 1999 and 2000.
  • This was the center of operations of the General Strike Council and, once raised, collective as the Federation of Socialist Campesino Students and members of Francisco Villa Popular Front remained in the auditorium. And no president has managed to evict.
  • Any attempt, such as Thursday has sparked riots and demonstrations.

outfit of the dayThe fear that the autonomy of the university break with the entry of the police, coupled with insufficient internal security studies center, has left for more than 15 years this place in limbo. During the elections the new rector, the frontrunners threw one to one balls out on the subject, without getting wet on the concrete actions that take place: “We must  rescue these spaces but always with prudence.”

Alexis Marcous Illustrations recognized G loria Villegas, the director of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, the building next to the auditorium.” Would seek dialogue with those who are members of the University, if there is still, to persuade them of the importance of it back, ” he explained the director of the Faculty of Economics, Leonardo Lomeli.

Any rector touches the audience knows that involves direct damage to his image: they allow entry of the authorities, the demons of repression in the wake university; if you seek the ringleader, the group formed by various anarchist groups would respond to chaos and images of a great school. In either case, the president does not have it easy, because after all leave it as it only highlights the ineffectiveness of the power of the institution.

Many of the students and teachers agree that those who have occupied the auditorium not part many years ago the university community. In the kitchen, the enclosure prepares vegan foods sold in the door, a strategic corridor of sale, where they spend the thousands of students that go to the Faculty of Philosophy or walking to the library. The director Gloria Villegas acknowledged in an interview with this newspaper that the university allocates a fixed budget to mantenimiendo the auditorium, you are still paying the light and water. Those who deal only have to buy vegetables and expect profits peddling.

Che Guevara is called since 1966 in honor of the guerrilla and has been used for various activities such as concerts, conferences, round tables. Now student assemblies are held before each march college. For 37 years they have been there the most prominent figures in the world of culture, like Pablo Neruda, Jose Saramago, and Jaime Sabines.

In 2014 a group of masked men entered the auditorium to evict the occupants, who call themselves anarchists. A revolt by the control enclosure caused serious clashes outside the building. After that, the UNAM, led by the newly appointed Health Secretary Jose Narro Robles, called for the “immediate delivery auditorium,” suspended classes and put a complaint with the prosecutor. Nothing happened.

Given what happened on Thursday, the university has asked again in a statement “the evacuation of the auditorium Justo Sierra, where the provocateur’s refuge. Events like those that occurred today, make evident the violent nature of their occupation.”

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