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The ‘butterfly net’ program Eternal Optimist has joined as a partner Maria Isabel Pantoja, daughter of the popular singer Isabel Pantoja, to conduct a section on fashion, beauty and lifestyle that paraphrasing the famous “I are that” her mother It will be called “I am Isa.”

Pantoja held a weekly intervention that will make him “the first famous in joining the fashion magazine and ‘celebrities’ of Mediaset Spain team,” according to a chain, in which the date of incorporation is not concrete.

In that section, the 18 – year undertake a “way of learning and self – discovery” in the field of fashion and personal image that will allow viewers know her as “really is”.

A professional challenge to the Pantoja feels “nervous, expectant and eager to work,” adds the note. “I have never considered doing a program or a section from my point of view, but I offered it and liked it. I would dedicate myself to this. In fact, I love to study a course or module on fashion and to give me the chance to try, and I get it right, “said Pantoja.

Also, ‘butterfly net’ young bring their “youth, and the point of view of a girl of 18 who follow fashion blogs ” and, as has confessed why he decided to accept this television collaboration was because of he “loves ” The fashion world.

In his this professional stage, he added, it has the approval of his mother, the singer Isabel Pantoja. “My mom seems okay I have been advised to be very natural, that make the slowly and carefully things, and I forget the cameras. he also told me that, of course, will see me.”

The capital of fashion is revved after the spread of Islamic codes in various brands of women ‘s clothing (couture and ‘low cost’). If earlier this year Dolce & Gabbana.

Fashion in Italy

It was traditionally inspired by the sensuality of the Italian woman, was the first major Western brand to address the Muslim market (which moves 230,000 million per year ) with a collection of veils. Tunics and skirts to the ankles now have also targeted the Swedish giant H & M fashion accessible with a campaign of veiled women.

They are not the only examples of this trend, in reality, only certificia capitalist querencia to occupy any vacant niche market. Also the Japanese clothing firm Uniqlo has announced that this month will begin selling sets with hijab (Islamic headscarf) in its London stores.

fashion-closetIn the same city, the chain Marks & Spencer has launched the ‘burkini’, a full bathroom monkey that only leaves the air side, feet, and hands.

Faced with such a profusion of releases, this week the French Minister of Women ‘s Law, Laurence Rossignol, has described as “irresponsible” companies that are committed to this strategy. “Can not be accepted as banal and anodyne that these big brands invest in this market, ” said socialist channel to RMC.

And the public debate in France about Islamic fashion winks comes at a sensitive time, following the recent jihadist attacks and Brussels, before Paris. Opinions on whether European windows should show clothes that cover the body of women are of all kinds.

Something that is not new in the streets and public entities, but now, yes, in the shop windows of Paris and London to attract new consumers.

Controlled Posture

But it was the advertising campaign for H & M with photos of models wearing the Islamic veil and with the slogan ‘There are no rules in fashion’ which broke the glass of the Eternal Optimist, arguing that it encourages a “control social on the body of women. ”

“My role is to help these women who want to resist the Salafist influence in some neighborhoods, ” said Minister Rossignol. In his view, can not be dissociated “clothes and way of life.”

“C hen brands invest in the market of Islamic dress because they find it lucrative, are placed in retreat regarding their social responsibility and, from a certain view, promote the closure body of women, “he says.

H & M Press

H & M, of course, replied: “Our collections allow each dress your personality, but do not encourage to choose a way of life in particular.” Since last September, the company launched an awareness campaign of recycling clothes with a Muslim model 17, Mariah Idrissi. It was the first Muslim with hijab headed by an announcement of the Swedish chain.

Millionaire’s Mrket

Experts say the trend for occupying this niche market will continue unstoppable, that in three years the market will reach the Muslim fashion will approach 500,000 million. A cake that brands do not want to lose.

  • Speaking to Le Parisien , the sociologist Frédéric Monneyron , stressed that since the 70 large firms carry exploring the Middle East market and adapting to their collections discretion.
  • Among the few designers who have gotten wet in this tricky business -fashion, business and confession are Pierre Berge, 85, and former partner of the late Yves Saint Laurent.
  • “I’m shocked I, who for 40 years was next to Saint Laurent I have always believed that fashion was to beautify women, to give them freedom and, in any case, not to be an accomplice of that imposed dictatorship that makes women hide.”
  • In his opinion, it is regrettable that brands lend themselves to this game only for pecuniary reasons. “C reo that convictions should go ahead of money.
  • Not because there are women forced by their husbands to wear, so you have to encourage them. You have to teach them to undress, to be free, ” he argues.

A designer Agnès B. will also appear “obscene” take advantage of an environment that “is not anodyne for the image of women”. “Making that kind of dress goes beyond consumption or fashion. It is playing politics and religion “, a declared ‘Le Parisien.’

For its part, the cartoonist of ‘Le Monde’ Plantu, the same who signed one of the iconic drawings after the attacks of Brussels, has posted on Twitter a cartoon with two women wearing Islamic clothes and a sash with sticks of dynamite. ” for when an explosive belt? “asks humorist.

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