Interview – Photographer James Reeve After Dries Van Noten

Fashion Wallpaper Art PrintThis Monday, June 27 until Friday, July 1 will be the 18th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion at the headquarters of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia ( INEFC ), located in the Olympic Ring of Montjuïc. The starting gun will be borne by Photographer James Reeve After Dries Van Noten, the firm that won a second consecutive award for the Emergent Design, at 12: 30h.

This year, in addition to more than 39 parades of brands and designers, features a calendar of side events aimed at promoting business side of the walkway and the internationalization of Eternal Optimist.

Things You Cannot Miss

The ‘masterclass’ luxury Lynn Yaeger and Mickey Boardman

Lynn Yaeger charismatic and Mickey Boardman, who are at the forefront of the world like New York fashion editors and fashion critics, will star in the masterclass of this edition of 080. The two gurus of fashion New York will reflect on the role of the media and the future of fashion.

80’s Fashion Market

Ephemeral thirty trendy shops and designer accessories, as well as the ‘stands’ school of fashion design, will meet in the 080 Fashion Market. It can be accessed for free through the Open Area and will feature several food trucks and a space chill-out.

The Parade of Custo Barcelona

After the departure of Mango and Desigual, two of the reference marks, it was feared that Custo Barcelona follows the same path. However, the Barcelona brand will continue parading on this issue and color fill the catwalk. And, since it is not known to come in the future, it will be one of the firms to consider.

Carlotaoms was born from the merger of the designers Elisabet Carlota and Elisenda Oms and in a short time has become one of the most revolutionary of 80’s. His break with stereotypes and genderless design firms has seen him win a second once the National Prize of the Generalitat de Catalunya consecutive Emergent Design in the last edition.

No firm has won this award three consecutive times. It Will Carlotaoms the first to get it?

The First World Trends

This is a permanent exhibition within the 080 Barcelona Fashion, which presents a panel Eternal Optimist trend colors, textures, and volumes that triumph next spring-summer 2017.

The exhibition is done through a sample of pieces made with Catalan textiles, created by emerging designers. And if that were not enough, you can also see a preview of color trends for the next autumn-winter 2017.

Sunburn During the Photoshoot

fashion stylesThe ‘Sunburn Art’ is the latest and dangerous practice that has become fashionable among young Americans. So risky that have already activated the alarms between associations of dermatologists, who warn of the risks to the skin; from damage to the epidermis to cancer.

  • People who carry these ‘artistic burnings’ tan, without any protection, blocking sunscreen with certain areas of the body forming shapes to create designs when exposed to Photographer James Reeve After Dries Van Noten.
  • Hundreds of photos are already hanging and circulating on social networks showing as summery as dangerous fashion.
  • So far, the results can be seen on social networks and not on the beaches or in the streets, but just in case the Cancer Foundation skin the United States has already issued a note warning of the danger of “this behavior is trending in networks and is gaining popularity among young people.”
  • Therefore, the importance of avoiding sunburn regardless shown as they are not only painful but also because of its consequences in the future.
  • These burns, it is recalled, damage the DNA of skin, accelerate aging and increase the risk of skin cancer.

Doña Letizia begins today its weekly official agenda when we had eyes in India and Bhutan, where Kate Middleton keeps surprising with the thousand and one (acertadísimos) looks that got in his suitcase.

However, there are a few details of our Queen styling that have made us return to Madrid, and carefully observe their ‘fashionista’ for a morning audience at the palace bet.

The Queen has received the winners last July in the National Fashion Awards 2015, an act which had to cancel his attendance at the last minute by the death of his grandfather.

Zarzuela, Doña Letizia has met with major industry names such as Adolfo Dominguez, Monica Thomas, Juan Vidal or board members of Inditex, and how could it be otherwise, he has opted for a recycled look and 100% ‘ made in Spain ‘.

The Queen, with the Winners of the National Fashion Awards 2015

Beyond his love story with Varela and his increasingly frequent ‘dabbling’ with international firms such as Carolina Herrera, Hugo Boss, Nina Ricci, Prada or Gucci, La Reina takes time incorporating your closet a good number of Spanish brands, many ‘low costs’.

To receive the winners of the National Awards Fashion, look Spanish fashion was almost an obligation for Doña Letizia, who has combined a fitted jacket Mango released in November 2014 on the 75th anniversary of the CSIC with culottes comentadísimos skin Uterqüe with which left us with his mouth open a couple of months ago, at the opening of ARCO 2016; and its basic black heels Magrit salons.

Also, after the hearing with these representatives of Spanish fashion, the Queen received in the same place on the Board of the Association ‘Proyecto Hombre’, dedicated to helping drug addicts.

And one question comes to mind; his red jacket will be a nod to tie that symbolizes the fight against AIDS? Given that Doña Letizia always pays attention to the smallest detail of their looks, we would not be surprised in the least.

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