Eternal-optimist.com is the ultimate in creative collaborations, showcasing a dynamic and diverse array of ideas and talent. Wandering around, searching for precious meanings and valuing innovative ideas, sharing aesthetic interpretations, and appreciating innovative individuals, facilitating the occurrence of aesthetic experience, exploring a wide variety of subjects, emphasizing beauty as the key component of the art of life.

Relaunched in May, 2012 the fashion blog eternal-optimist was given an exciting facelift, making it more interactive, more user-friendly and re-interpreting the material to create exciting content that is sure to deliver a fast and reliable fashionable fix to the information-hungry online user, attracting ….. unique visitors from all over the world.

The site, its team and international contributors are dedicated to communicating information in a thought-provoking, stimulating, engaging way. The site is split into seven key sections: Fashion, Art, Culture, Design, Portraits, Society and Beauty.


Content highlights include weekly blogs from our fashion and beauty teams, comprehensive runway galleries and exclusive luxury promotions. Featuring not only fashion but also art, contemporary design, luxury brands, photography, top celebrities, icons and inspiring individuals, we focus on valuable lessons to be learned, spread, and rise above all. A new era where fashion, art/design and photography join forces and form a multi-cultural experience. Sparking and inspiring projects are the avant-gardists thriving change.


We pride ourselves in the originality of our content, which features not only fashion, but also art, illustration, conceptual photography, top celebrities, iconic photographers and the legendary faces who make our creative world so exceptional. We generate ideas; we support new collaborations using the principles of open innovation, delivering groundbreaking projects, giving access to extraordinary energies: our collective imagination is the purest representation of human inquiry. Let’s DREAM UP!


MINAS MINATSIS studied Law at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Continued with an MBA in Business and Management. He has been collaborating with various Greek magazines since 2005. Eternal Optimist blog was first created in November 2009 after Minas saw Samuel Beckett's Happy days theatrical show in Athens. Part of the various projects and fashion events that he has hosted as the eternal optimist editor are video projects/fashion films with Greek fashion designers such as Orsalia Parthenis, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Tassos Sofroniou, Stelios Koudounaris, Sotiris Georgiou and many more. Part of those film projects were showcased at the Athens Fashion Week of March 2011 in which Minas was an official collaborator. Last Fall, his collaboration as a production manager in a fashion film by Stavro Christo sent the film and the eternal optimist to the Wrong Weather Gallery of Porto, Portugal as part of the fashion film exhibition entitled F/A1, curated by London-based Konstantinos Menelaou. Minas hates anything retro and vintage. Hasn't decided yet whether he is a true eternal optimist himself or not.


CHRISTINA KALLI studied Archeology and History of Art at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She received a MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies from Leicester University, UK in 2008. Joining Tate Org. helped her gain a valuable insight into the arts, opportunities to work on interesting projects and learn new, practical skills. Coming home was not an easy task. L’ Officiel Hellas (Les Editions Jalou) fostered her interest for breaking into the world of fashion magazine journalism and a couple of years later she became Features Editor in L’ Officiel Hellas & L’ Officiel Hommes. The increasingly intertwined markets for fashion and art and the introduction, internationally, of major artist collaborations into the fashion industry inspired her to explore the art-fashion nexus and produce/curate exhibitions that could reveal the language of style to invigorate beliefs, perceptions and ideas: POST-FEMINISM, Group Show, Romanzo, Athens (2013), Of an eternal light, performance by Katerina Misichroni, Kivotos Art Projects (2013), SKIN POSSESSION, Fashion Film-Photography-Performance by Efi Gousi, ROOMS 2014 Contemporary Art Show, Athens. Fashion is only the attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse (Francis Bacon).



We accept submissions for online exclusive features. So please feel free to e-mail us with ideas and samples of your work. Furthermore we are also always on the lookout for new and regular contributors, including photographers, stylists, writers, illustrators and graphic designers.

When submitting photo shoots, please send a full selection of photographs and a credit list for all clothing/accessories used. ­If submitting a concept, please include text as well as visuals to explain your ideas and suggestions for potential models. Writers need to include samples of articles (published or unpublished), in particular interviews and in-depth features, with a brief pitch for three story ideas. 

E-mail Submissions:

Creatives once your shoot has been approved and shot, please provide us with proof images. This allows us to select our favorite images and saves you time editing. We will then ask you to edit the selected images to your best ability.

Graphic Designers and Illustrators we would love to see samples of your work. Please either send us low-res images or a link to your work.

Writers please send any articles directly or alternatively send your ideas and examples of previous work.

If you are an agent and would like one of your talents to be featured, please simply provide us with their latest profile/resume or press release