Every move. Every smile. Inspiration sometimes is difficult to reveal. In a constant search for dreams, for those small little details that lie beneath the surface. Life happens, they say. Too simple to endure, we may add. Life is overwhelming, unjust and sometimes hard to manifest. It's the Need to distinguish, to absorb, to reflect upon, give meaning, speak the truth, get lost in an illusion and come back again to make every single day worth the effort.

Our streets are bleeding. We fight the unspeakable. The problematic seems unable to be resolved. They promised Edem, They delivered Hell. Cannot withdraw, cannot get hopeless. Our need is much more urging. We ignite, by idea, by imagination, difference, indifference and Pathos. Overpowered we start the journey to an eternal optimism.

No matter what, we shall continue the dream we once had and we still believe in...welcome along.




MINAS MINATSIS studied Law at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. Continued with an MBA in Business and Management. He has been collaborating with various Greek magazines since 2005. Eternal Optimist blog was first created in November 2009 after Minas saw Samuel Beckett's Happy days theatrical show in Athens. Part of the various projects and fashion events that he has hosted as the eternal optimist editor are video projects/fashion films with Greek fashion designers such as Orsalia Parthenis, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Tassos Sofroniou,Stelios Koudounaris,Sotiris Georgiou and many more. Part of those film projects were showcased at the Athens Fashion Week of March 2011 in which Minas was an official collaborator. Last Fall, his collaboration as a production manager in a fashion film by Stavro Christo sent the film and the eternal optimist to the Wrong Weather Gallery of Porto, Portugal as part of the fashion film exhibition entitled F/A1, curated by London-based Konstantinos Menelaou.

Minas hates anything retro and vintage. Hasn't decided yet whether he is a true eternal optimist himself or not.


CHRISTINA KALLI studied Archeology and History of Art at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She continued her cutorial research and completed an MA in Art Gallery and Museum Studies at Leicester University of England. After an incredible period working in Tate Modern, London, she returned to Greece. Today, Christina is occupied as Features Editor in L'Officiel Hellas magazine.